lørdag 10. september 2011

My earings have arrived!

Today Kent got my post from the post office. The earings where ordered from Devious Darlins' on Epla.no. I got two pairs, and only ordered one pair! I ordered the pair with the cats (well, obviously I'm turning into a crazy cat lady...). It is sooooo lovely to recieve packages from the sellers at Epla. The parcel it self was covered with brown paper and decorated with lace tape. You always (well, this is my experience) get a hand writen thank you note, and every time I ordered something, I have got a bonus gift. Fantastic! This time it was because I was one of the first 20 customers in the shop. Me happy! I love shopping online. Next ting for me today is to send a thank you e-mail to the seller.

And as we have launched the Swedish Epla.se these days more of you out there can get the same experience. Check it out!

2 kommentarer:

Annica sa...

varför skriver du på engelska...???

Agneta sa...

Annica, för att jag har vänner som inte kan svenska eller norska och som undrar vad jag skriver om :) Så jag skall prova att vara duktig kompis så alla förstår.